24 May 2012

Conversation of the week

Osborne asks Cameron about the G8 summit, as reported in The Guardian:
Osborne: What did you discuss?
Cameron: Haven't a clue! It was so dull I sneaked off downtown to catch a film – American Pie: Reunion. I can thoroughly recommend it, though it's quite complicated in places.
Osborne: I don't suppose you managed to patch things up with the new Frog president, did you?
Cameron: Bien sur! I went straight up to him and said: "Sorry pour giving vous the epaule froide dans vos elections, mais pas dur feelings, Francis vieux garçon. Let's havez our photo taken togezzer."
Osborne: You're a legend! And I hope you larged it up over sour-faced Merko when The Drog scored the winner against the Krauts on Saturday.
Cameron: Too right, mate. There she was, looking smug, and I couldn't resist yelling: "For you, Merko, ze war is ohfer."
Osborne: How did she react to that?
Cameron: Can't remember. Something lame like, "For you, Posh Boy, ze economy is ohfer."


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