18 May 2012

Things you learn in a crisis

Amazing.  Mr Cameron thinks we all have to pull together:
The Prime Minister delivered his gloomiest warning yet of the dangers of the Greek debt crisis yesterday, making clear he felt hopes of rescuing the eurozone lie with Germany, whose economy is still growing strongly.
Warning the single currency was at a "crossroads," he said monetary union meant that successful economies must be prepared to do more to shore up weaker states on the periphery.
"We need to be clear about the long-term consequences of any single currency," he told business leaders in Manchester. "In Britain we have had one for centuries. When one part of the country struggles, other parts step forward to help. There is a remorseless logic to it."
Yeah, yeah.  That must be the remorseless logic that led to the abolition of the regional development agencies and to the suggestion of regional pay rates for the public sector

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