12 May 2012

Rip-off Britain

Two examples from The Guardian:

Holidaymakers travelling to Europe this summer on budget airlines face soaring fees for taking just a single bag on the plane – and staggering costs if they have to make any changes to their tickets or discover at the airport that their bag weighs too much.
Ryanair's new "high season" rate of £70 return for a 20kg bag to go into the hold comes into force in June and lasts to October, with an £80 charge if you're heading to the Canaries, Greece or Cyprus.
For the record, the return cost of checking in a bag on my current trip amounted to £35.  So a 100% increase.

And here:
It was bad luck for the Olympics organisers that their test events last weekend were held on one of the dreariest, greyest, coldest May days most of us can remember. It was even worse luck if you hadn't eaten before you arrived.
The security staff at the gates, who, it has to be said, were fast and thorough, rooted out all those evil plastic bottles containing fluid. So in the hot and sultry days of July and August (we can but hope) it will be £1.60 for a bottle of water once you're on the other side.The food and beverage "offering" must have been devised by the same people who dreamed up the pricing policy at Disneyland or Alton Towers, but with bells on. Get people through the doors, then extract as much cash as possible, safe in the knowledge it's miles back to the entrance and you probably won't be let back in anyway. A hot dog? £5.90. Two bags of crisps? £3. A muffin and a cookie? £5.
Take a couple of kids with you and it will cost a fortune.  And don't forget:
The security guards are under orders to confiscate any food deemed to be "excessive".
I think that we will all know what that means ...


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