29 May 2012

Rules are rules

I am a simple soul.  For me, it's straightforward; either you abide by the rules or you don't.  But this lady seems confused:

Lady Warsi attempted to take the heat out of the controversy by asking Paul Kernaghan, the Lords Commissioner for Standards, to scrutinise her case. Speaking during a visit to Malaysia, she said: "I take these allegations very seriously – it is why I said right at the outset that I would fully co-operate with any investigation."I believe being a member of the House of Lords is a privilege. I take that privilege seriously. It's why I have always ensured my conduct, including in relation to expenses and allowances, is both in accordance with the law and the spirit of the rules."

But oh dear, then we see this:
In a further embarrassment to Lady Warsi, she was forced to admit failing to declare rental income from a London flat in the Lords register of interests.She said the omission was due to "an oversight" ...
So, in this instance at least, she has obviously not ensured her conduct was in accordance with law and the spirit of the rules.

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