09 May 2012

Quote of the day

From The Telegraph (here):

Two years on, how is marriage treating the happy couple? Regrettably, all is not well. The romance, friends are whispering, has fizzled out.
Look at poor Nick Clegg. When the Coalition partners pledged their troth, on that glorious May afternoon in the rose garden at No10, he looked like the happiest bride in the world. Yet now he seems worn, tired, frustrated. In his eyes there glimmers an ever-present sadness, suggestive of too many lonely, Valium-softened afternoons at home, nothing better to do than iron his husband’s shirts and write speeches about “green growth”. Friends say he misses having his own career.
Then look at David Cameron. A proud, old-fashioned man, reluctant to open up and discuss his real feelings, he puts a brave face on the state of the marriage. But his irritation is plain for all to see. He feels hen-pecked. His partner is always nagging him, about everything from the shelves that need putting up in the spare room to the importance of Lords reform. Mr Cameron's friends grumble. They say Mr Clegg walks all over him, and stops him doing anything fun.

I blame the in-laws ...

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