22 May 2012

They're a bunch of skivers

The evidence is mounting.

First it was this:
If "chillaxing" was an Olympic sport then David Cameron, would win a gold medal, according to a new biography of the prime minister.
His ability to separate his private life from his professional life is seen as an asset by some friends, and by others as a sign of complacency in the midst of a double dip recession.
The book, Cameron: Practically a Conservative, describes how on a weekend Cameron may practice his game with a tennis machine he calls "the Clegger", after the deputy prime minister. Later on, he would cook dinner, have a few glasses of wine and sing My Way on his personal karaoke machine.
And then this:
The US president said that the Prime Minister was "sneaking off to do a little sightseeing before he heads home".
Aides said Mr Cameron left the summit when it ended and had around two hours before his commercial flight back to London.
He spent some of the time walking around central Chicago before visiting the British consulate in the city, Mr Obama's home town.
And now this (of our less than esteemed Chancellor and at public expense):
The MP for Tatton, who says he is "proud to be a true blue", was photographed enjoying the match in Germany, cheering his team on as they clinched victory over Bayern Munich.
He has now described the “unforgettable night”, as “Chelsea did what every Englishman of my generation thought was impossible”: “beat the Germans on penalties – in Germany.
The Chancellor disclosed he had attended the match courtesy of German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble, after the pair struck a deal at a meeting earlier this month.


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