21 May 2012


Cameron's pontification about the Greek election is somewhat less than tactful:
"We are coming to a decision point where Greece is going to vote. It has to be absolutely clear there is a choice: they can vote to stay in the eurozone and meet their commitments, or they can vote to give up on their commitments and effectively give up on the eurozone," Mr Cameron said. 
If I were a Greek, I might be slightly miffed.  After all, it's not as if Cameron has offered anything constructive during the crisis.  Least of all, is he prepared to put his hand in his pocket and contribute some money, whether via the IMF or any other route.  And his non-veto of the fiscal pact before Christmas represented a reluctance to move off the sidelines end engage with those seeking resolution.

Yet now suddenly he is coming out with ultimata for the Greek voters ...

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