01 May 2012

Missing the point

The Independent reports:

Malcolm Tucker might call it an "omni-*******-shambles". Viewers watching The Thick Of It in the US were instead presented with a 30 minute Morse Code bulletin after the BBC “beeped” out the political satire’s notorious swearing.
...A BBC America spokesman confirmed: “BBC America abides by basic cable television common practice in the US in using bleeps to cover profanity in its programmes. Bleeps were used during The Thick of It season three premiere on Saturday at 12am.” 
Incidentally, I do wish that this business of describing the time at noon or midnight as 12 am (or pm) could be abolished.  It is most confusing.  "am" stands for ante meridiem which, as any Latin scholar will know, means before noon.  It is therefore utterly nonsensical to describe noon as "12 am", and I wish the BBC (and others) would stop it.


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